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This is an African marabout seeing whose sixth sense appeared to him from his earliest childhood. His African clairvoyance allowed him to predict the death of a close and thus predicted to seeing the disease from an acquaintance of her parents. These flashes visions have many traumatized in his childhood, he did not understand the nature and was long disturbed because of this then he began to explain to his former African village and he felt they have made him that he had the gift of clairvoyance ... So he began to help as he could. Having reached adulthood and already obtained a very successful career in public service, Mr. Sidi exercised his gift of time to time with his interlocutors and that they were very interested and convinced of his gift led him to make private consultations. Word-of-mouth quickly worked and then he decided to give up her career to embark fully in clairvoyance ... The marabout was seeing then opened his own consulting firm in London to devote himself exclusively to this task. His desire to help others since childhood has never been away from him again and quickly surface when people in difficulty to seek the powers of mediumship. Being aware that this extraordinary gift of clairvoyance African is a gift from heaven, the marabout Sidi Mr. get now used mainly to help and guide its consultants and sometimes free if those who come to him in need. It is known to help volunteer, whether for clairvoyance or for maraboutage ... Having the ability to predict the future with extraordinary precision in dates and places, it assists in advising and preparing all those who come to him to face what lies ahead. Everyone is free and no destiny is mapped out, the marabout is just there to prevent and improve the lives of its visitors.                            

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African Spiritual Healer

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